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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Hormone Replacement Therapy For Human Growth

Get our hormone replacement therapy for men and women which will help you loose weight, build lean muscle and improve sexual performance in your life.

Hormone replacement therapy is a process by which the body’s supply of hormones is rejuvenated through supplements or injections that constitute synthetic hormones. The most common hormones entailed in hormone replacement therapy are human growth hormones (HGH), testosterone, and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).

One may enquire why you need to increase the body’s supply of hormones while the body can do this on its own. Well, in early childhood these hormones are produced en masse to ensure proper development and growth of the bones, body organs, cells and so forth. Upon completion of adolescence, or when the body is fully developed in early adulthood, the supply of these hormones is reduced and considerably as you become older.

The effects of reduced hormones supply is manifested in the following: reduced mental awareness, increased fatigue, low sex drive, high blood pressure, skin flabbiness, higher cholesterol levels, decreased cardiac output and so on. This is where hormone replacement therapy comes in handy. Not only is hormone replacement therapy considered for adults but also children may require this treatment. A little child, who has inadequate supply of human growth hormones to be more particular, will suffer stunted growth. Thus the child’s pituitary gland is stimulated to produce more HGH through the HGH hormone replacement therapy.

For most men, their hormone replacement therapy will largely involve testosterone; this is the hormone that is responsible for making most men taller, stronger and heavier compared to most women. Both men and women have testosterone but men have higher quantities. It is also men who suffer the most from testosterone deficiency. A characteristic hormone replacement therapy for men will consist of HGH and testosterone. A qualified hormone specialist will however not offer these two on their own.

When the body receives an external supply of testosterone it will be okay for a few months but it will thereafter start converting it to estrogen. Estrogen is the female’s version of the testosterone hormone; these two will counteract each other and soon you will start feeling tired, retaining more water, experiencing occasional impotence and brain fogginess. To counter this, products known as Arimidex and hCG are added into the hormone replacement therapy.

For women, a hormone replacement therapy made up of HGH and hCG will give them a well toned skin and good fit figure, of course with spending some time at the gym.

Hormone replacement therapy containing HGH, hCG and testosterone in different quantities will help in managing cholesterol levels, improving sex drive, protecting against heart diseases, building lean muscle, increasing energy and endurance and even assisting in weight loss.