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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

HGH side effects - Discover amazing effects of HGH on your body. Choose our proper methods of hormone therapy that benefit you most for a healthy life.

HGH therapy, which constitutes the intake of HGH products such as supplements and injections, should purely be used to help the pituitary gland to produce its optimal amount of human growth hormones. This is essential for mature people since after adolescence the production of HGH is considerably reduced and with this we see the onset of wrinkled skin, irregular sleep, obesity, flabby skin, low libido, irregular cardiac function, and higher cholesterol levels to mention but a few. In small children low production of HGH results in stunted growth i.e. a shorter stature and a stouter abdomen. In all these persons, the administration of HGH treatment must be right otherwise HGH side effects will occur.

As with the improper use or over-dosage of any drug, excessive use of human growth hormones HGH injections has side effects. Other causes of HGH side effects can be traced to low quality HGH products sold by quacks all over the country and also due to wrong administration of the same courtesy of unqualified medical personnel. Many reports have indicated that some HGH side effects are reversible while others are permanent. Whatever the type of HGH side effects it is not worth putting your body through avoidable and body-hurting experiences that come with the improper use of HGH products.

One of the most disturbing HGH side effects is Acromegaly. This is where the body cannot differentiate between the HGH hormones created in the pituitary gland and the synthetic ones introduced via injections or supplements. The result is a renewed growth of the bone structure especially around the jaw and that around the eye brows resulting in permanent disfigurement. This is also accompanied with abnormal hair growth all over the body.

Another of the serious HGH side effects is enlargement of the heart. This phenomenon is similar to fitting a tractor’s engine in a saloon car; the body parts will fall apart thanks to the stronger vibrations and excessive power. The body will in the same way experience a drain of energy as it is required to run the increased demands of the new sized heart. As such other body functions will be compromised considerably.

Another of the HGH side effects is liver damage. The liver in this case has the added task of processing foreign HGH and will as such suffer fatigue and possible failure. Increased water retention more often than not accompanies these HGH side effects. Initially, increased water retention may be a good thing as your body will look well toned but as with the issue of the enlarged heart, excess water retention is a burden to the body.

Other HGH side effects include thyroid damage and low blood sugar.