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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Low Growth Hormone

Growth hormone deficiency - We offer HGH therapy and other hormone replacement therapies to balance hormone levels and make you feel more energetic.

The growth hormone is manufactured by the pituitary gland which is located in the brain. In another term the growth hormone is referred to as “Somatotropin”. Therefore, growth hormone deficiency may be defined as the condition where there is an absence of or reduced quantities of Somatotropin in the body. The growth hormones are responsible for human growth and the continued production and general health of cells.

Growth hormone deficiency can take place at any stage of life. This phenomenon is particularly very visible in early childhood where growth hormone deficiency will cause impaired growth. For such children their development pattern and bone build is abnormal and they thus display the classic signs of dwarfism. Growth hormone deficiency is known to cause obesity as one of the functions of HGH is to stimulate the metabolism of fats in the body. This phenomenon can be found in both children and adults.

In adults, Growth hormone deficiency is imminent because right after adolescence the human body is more often than not fully developed. With this done, the production of HGH by the pituitary gland is continually reduced as one grows older. With this come the effects of Growth hormone deficiency which among others include the following: wrinkles, flabby skin, reduced mental awareness, reduced libido, higher blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels and reduced cardiac output. These observations are natural but with HGH injections or supplements the pituitary gland can be stimulated to produce more HGH to help combat these conditions.

Sportsmen taking HGH products do not necessarily have Growth hormone deficiency but they use these products to help their bodies generate more lean muscle tissue, burn more fat and have increased energy. Back to the normal growth hormone deficiency, HGH products have increasingly circulated the market since it was discovered that HGH therapy can be used to combat the above effects that come with aging. This has really opened a precarious playfield where many people with Growth hormone deficiency have been extorted of their money by quacks selling substandard HGH products.

Normally, the treatment for growth hormone deficiency is accompanied with other hormones, particularly testosterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for making men stronger, heavier and taller compared to most women. It enhances sexual drive, helps build lean muscle and protects against heart diseases. hCG on the other hand helps in providing smoother skin and promoting a general healthy feeling.

We have obviously discovered by now that abusing growth hormone deficiency therapy has adverse side effects. Some of them include liver damage, thyroid dysfunction, excessive water retention, enlarged heart size among several others.