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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Learn more about HGH. . .

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Interested in a new you? Call today to contact:

Hormone Replacement Clinic

2800 West State Road 84, Suite 118

Fort Lauderdale FL, 33312


Who will answer the phone?

Someone who has used anti-aging products and therapies and can tell you about their experience with:

  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and HGH therapy
  • Testosterone and testosterone therapy
  • hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and hCG therapy

The expert on the phone will know that you called because you don’t like the impact of aging on your sex drive and sex life, libido, weight lost, muscle mass, energy, appearance, and health. How? Because they, too, decided to do something positive for themselves.

Then what?

Our representatives will answer your questions and help you plot a course through our fully licensed medical clinic where you will discover the benefits of anti-aging therapy in a controlled and safe environment.

Your medical history, your interests and concerns, and your personal needs and interests will be part of the program. Once we know what anti-aging therapy is right for you . . . HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and HGH therapy; testosterone and testosterone therapy; hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and hCG therapy; or a combination of the above, a licensed medical physician will review your blood work and medical information and then prescribe the program that is right for you. You’ll be receiving pharmaceuticals dispensed by U.S. compounding pharmacies. And soon you’ll look great, feel better, lose weight, build muscle mass, and have more fun in the bedroom.

Here’s the legalese . . .

Hormone Replacement Clinic physicians issue patient prescriptions in compliance with Drug Enforcement Administration Federal Register Notices – 2001, Guidance. Dispensing and Purchasing Controlled Substances over the Internet. Source: [Federal Register: April 27, 2001 (Volume 66, Number 82)] [Notices] [Page 21181-21184] [DEA-191N]. Hormone Replacement Clinic physicians also issue HGH prescriptions in consultation with examining primary care physicians in accordance with Florida Standards for Telemedicine prescribing Practice, Florida Board of Medicine Rule 64B8-9.014 sections (4) and (5) under the specific authority of 458.309, 458.331 (1)(v) Florida Statutes. Prescriptions for HGH, are not issued to patients located in any state that requires the prescription to be issued by a physician located or licensed in the same state as the patient. In the case of our organization, we do not dispense over the internet and we do not prescribe HGH over the internet or provide online prescriptions, but require a physical examination of each patient before issuing any prescription. Florida law allows one physician to conduct the physical examination and the second consulting physician to issue a prescription in reliance on the findings of the examining physician and medical history provided.

Doctor-Patient Relationship and Prescribing Standards

Hormone Replacement Clinic physicians evaluate and analyze your medical records and provide the following services in consultation with a local physician who conducts a patient current physical exam at the request of Hormone Replacement Clinic:

  • Evaluate your current physical examination report conducted by the local examining physician;
  • Evaluate your current medical history as reported by you to the examining physician at the time of your physical exam;
  • Evaluate the contents and comments provided by the examining physician on the form entitled Physician’s Physical Examination Acknowledgement;
  • Evaluate your medical complaint and other information provided by you online at this site when you complete your Patient Medical History Questionnaire
  • If you are seeking hormone replacement therapy, then your medical laboratory diagnostic test report reflecting your hormonal level will also be assessed by the prescribing physician;
  • Consult with the examining physician to the extent medically appropriate under the circumstances;
  • Assure that there is some logical connection with regard to your medical complaint and the drug to be prescribed for you; and, Issue your prescription for the requested medication if medically appropriate.